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With our collection of Zadie Smith books, explore an extraordinary take on the class, race, gender, and social forces which shape ordinary people. The celebrated British author masterfully captures the everyday realities of modern life in her books White Teeth, NW, On Beauty, and Swing Time. Zadie Smith novels make us view life with fresh eyes, and are essential reading from one of the UK's leading literary lights.

Fiction by Zadie Smith

Non-Fiction and a children's book by Zadie Smith

A natural, exceptionally talented storyteller

Zadie Smith is an influential writer of novels, essays and short stories from North-West London. In 2000, Smith published her first novel, White Teeth, which instantly became a bestseller and won numerous awards.

Following her immediate success, Smith has continued to write gripping and thought-provoking pieces of work and has even been named twice in Granta’s 20 Best Young British Novelists list.

Where to start with Zadie Smith

If you’re new to Smith’s work, start with her debut novel White Teeth. It's an eye-opening novel following the lives of multicultural families living in London, tackling difficult themes head-on, such as immigration, friendship and love.

If you're already a fan of Smith's and would like to get a more intimate look into her writing style, pick up Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays. This collection of personal essays gives you a snapshot into the eloquent and invigorating mind of Zadie Smith, spanning literature, art, comedy, family and everything in between.