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Stephen King's books have shaped modern horror. Widely recognised as a master of his craft, Stephen King has published over 60 novels since the phenomenally successful Carrie was released in 1974, with his works spanning diverse genres like horror, fantasy, thrillers and non-fiction. If you've never read Stephen King's books before, start with one of his all-time greats like The Shining, It or Salem's Lot."

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Seventy Years. Hundreds of Stories. Millions of Sleepless Nights... There is a whole world of horror and mystery to explore in our collection of Stephen King books. We have the full range of his novels available for you to buy today, but if you've never read one of Stephen King's books before, the choice can be overwhelming.

Best Stephen King books to read

If you're here for his genre-defining horror, then classic novels like The Shining and Salem's Lot are the perfect place to start. However, King's work is so much more than that. For a phenomenal, ambitious fantasy story, read The Gunslinger - book one of his Dark Tower series - or The Stand, a sweeping, post-apocalyptic thriller. He has also published short story collections, like Night Shift.

We should also draw attention to Stephen King's part-memoir, part-writing advice book, On Writing, which combines expert fiction-writing advice from one of the world's foremost masters with an honest, vulnerable look back at his own life.