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John Green books present a witty, intelligent and thoughtful perspective on the joys and tribulations of youth. His novels resonate with teens the world over as they grapple with the big questions of love and life. We host a fantastic selection of John Green books and novels, from the critically acclaimed The Fault in Our Stars, to his award-winning debut, Looking for Alaska.

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Discover award-winning author John Green

Selected as one of TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World, John Green is a talented American author who beautifully captures the voices of the younger generation. Winner of multiple awards, including the Printz Award and the Edgar Allan Poe Award, Green's young adult novels have become renowned for their deeply moving storylines and literary merit.

Best John Green books to read

If you're looking for Green's most popular, timeless novel, start with The Fault in Our Stars. Its elegant storyline explores the difficult topic of cancer, interweaved with themes of romance, humour and strong characterisation - make sure you have tissues close by for this read.

Other popular books include Turtles All the Way Down, a moving story openly addressing themes of mental health and life values, and Paper Towns, which was awarded the Edgar Award for best young adult novel.

Last, but not least, make sure not to miss Green's lesser known novel, An Abundance Of Katherines, a plotline cleverly layered with love, friendship and comedy.