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Get lost in a world of elegant lines, beautiful imagery, and energising designs with our selection of Johanna Basford books. There's been a bit of an adult colouring revolution and Johanna Basford is at the forefront of it, with her preference for good old-fashioned pen and ink over pixels. Explore lost oceans, enchanted forests, and secret gardens in these wonderful colouring books that let you relax whilst exploring your creativity. We even have a range of Johanna Basford postcard books and journals for you to explore.

Colouring Books

Lost Ocean


US$12.75  US$16.69

Save US$3.94

Secret Garden


US$10.31  US$14.95

Save US$4.64

Magical Jungle


US$15.07  US$16.69

Save US$1.62

Stationery and Special Editions

Secret Garden: 20 Postcards

Postcard book or pack


Secret Garden: 12 Notecards


US$11.73  US$15.95

Save US$4.22

Lost Ocean Postcard Edition


US$16.54  US$16.68

Save US$0.14

Secret Garden:Three Mini Journals


US$10.83  US$12.95

Save US$2.12

Johanna Basford's Secret Garden Journal


US$11.10  US$15.95

Save US$4.85

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