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Welcome to our 2021 gifts for book lovers

We've handpicked a great selection for you to browse and hopefully find that perfect gift. Below, we've divided the page up into fiction gifts where you'll find fantastic fantasy, historical romance, horror and crime; lifestyle gifts with fabulous food and drink, books for the home; and nonfiction gifts with brilliant biographies, beautiful coffee table books, military history and more. We also have a great selection of audiobooks on CD.

We've also highlighted our beautiful hardback editions for that perfect gift as well as including great paperback stocking fillers.

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Fiction gifts - scifi, fantasy, horror, crime, romance, graphic novels and manga and contemporary fiction

Science fiction, fantasy and horror

Our pick of paperback science fiction, fantasy and horror books

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Crime and thrillers


Our pick of paperback romance books

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Fiction books

Our pick of Manga and graphic novels

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Looking for gifts for children? Try our children's gift store

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Lifestyle, food and drink gifts

Our pick of crafts and hobbies books

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Our picks of mind, body and spirit books

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Nonfiction gifts

Our pick of biographies

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Our pick of art & photography books

Art & photography gifts

Our pick of stationery gifts

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