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Roald Dahl was one of the leading lights in children's literature throughout the 20th century, and his beloved books continue to find new leases of life in adaptations for film, TV and the stage. Find classic children's stories like Matilda, The BFG, The Twits, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in colourful new editions here at Book Depository.

Not only a writer of children's stories, discover Roald Dahl’s delightfully wicked short stories for adults, and explore revolting rhymes, fun facts, biographies, and general mischief from one of the world's best-loved authors.

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Roald Dahl's books are as magical now as they've ever been. Their continuing appeal on screen and stage is testament to the enduring relevance and captivating fun of tales like Fantastic Mr Fox and James and the Giant Peach. Named Author of the Year in 1990, his published books span almost 50 years, from the publication of Gremlins in 1943, to The Minpins, which was published posthumously in 1991.

Roald Dahl has written and inspired all kinds of different books. As well as children's stories, he has written multiple collections of hilarious poems, including Revolting Rhymes and Dirty Beasts. Kids can also learn and play with a variety of other titles, including the Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary and The BFG's Gloriumptious Sticker Activity Book.