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David Walliams' books have quickly found their way onto millions of children's bookshelves worldwide, and for very good reason. A No.1 bestselling author, Walliams' talent will leave you laughing, giggling and desperate for more as readers can't help but fall in love with the weird and wonderful characters in books like The Boy In The Dress, Mr Stink and RatBurger. With over 30 novels, short stories and picture books published, you'll have no trouble finding a new favourite that's bursting with wit and relatable charm.

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The wonderful world of Walliams

Often described as the next Roald Dahl, fans of David Walliams will know he didn't start off as a best-selling author, but instead won over audiences with his talented work in comedy, screen and stage. Since then, Walliams has become one of our best-loved children's authors, writing hilarious stories featuring some of the kookiest characters in print.

From heart-warming stories about a father and son in Bad Dad to the screamingly funny tale of the Demon Dentist, Walliams cleverly combines lighthearted fun with a touch of sensitivity for the perfect read. On top of his novels, Walliams has also published a number of picture books, including Boogie Bear, illustrated by the artistic genius that is Tony Ross.

David Walliams books in order

New to the world of Walliams and not sure where to start? With over 30 novels, picture books and short stories to choose from, a good place to start would be Walliams' iconic first novel.

Published in 2008, The Boy In The Dress saw readers fall in love with Walliams' beautiful way of explaining that it's perfectly good to be different. Following the success of his first novel, Walliams went on to publish Mr Stink in 2009, Billionaire Boy in 2010, Gansta Granny in 2011 and RatBurger in 2012.

More recently, Walliams' fans were introduced to The Beast Of Buckingham Palace in 2019, as well as Slime and Code Name Bananas in 2020.

Perfect for little ones, if you're looking for an engaging and entertaining picture book, David Walliams and Tony Ross published The Slightly Annoying Elephant in 2013, followed by The First Hippo On The Moon in 2014.

Kids and adults alike will laugh out loud with our side-splitting range of David Walliams books.