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Learn the ins and outs of investing and gain insights into the latest cryptocurrency markets. You’ll find an array of titles to help you work your way up the corporate ladder, including economics books, law books, business biographies and much more.

The world of business and finance is constantly changing, making this an exciting category to delve into. Read bestsellers from famous names like Simon Sinek, Peter Thiel, Warren Buffett and Richard Branson. You’ll learn how they achieved their levels of success, which can give you inspiration for your own start-up business. A firm handle on economics is essential to understand how the world works, and you’ll find books by modern experts like Paul Krugman and Daniel Kahneman here. Check out staples of economics literature like Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel and Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations.

Our selection of finance books includes titles to help you plan a household budget and make smarter investments. Whether you’re planning ahead to retirement or interested in branching out into the world of real estate investment, you’ll find books like Scott Pape’s The Barefoot Investor and Peter Lynch’s One Up on Wall Street to teach you more about playing the market with success. Finally, read about compelling real-life court cases and keep up with hot-button legal issues with our selection of law books.