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Psychology books from the brightest minds in medicine, business, sport and many other fields help us to understand and improve our thinking. Engaging and insightful, Book Depository’s collection of psychology books from world-renowned psychologists and thinkers has something for every situation. Explore the works of great 20th century thinkers like Carl Jung, psychology professors like Dr Brené Brown and Dr Jordan B Peterson, and coaches like Jim Kwik.

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Human psychology books for everyone

Psychology books come in all shapes and sizes, with something for every situation. Many of the bestsellers are written for a wide audience and don’t require a background in psychology before you can start reading.

Books for business, marriage, parenting and more

Business, marriage and parenting are common topics for psychology books to cover. Books by authors like Dale Carnegie and Daniel Kahneman are staples of the business world, while authors like Laura Markham, Daniel J. Siegel and John Gottman have weighed in on the topics of parenting and marriage. Their blend of real-world experience and psychological research make their books profoundly helpful for everyday life.

Psychology books for beginners

You don’t need to have a degree in psychology to see the benefits of reading these psychology books. The most celebrated international authors of today have built their success on books that can help anyone, regardless of training, background or personal situation. Top modern authors like Jordan B. Peterson, Brené Brown and Carol Dweck have written empowering books that are approachable for complete beginners, with real psychological insights that can make a difference in your life. Try one today.