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Our illuminating range of sociology anthropology books shine a light on how people live in society and across different cultural settings. Whether you’re a student, researcher or avid reader interested in the world around you, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Book Depository with texts exploring a broad range of topics from religion to economics.

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As human beings, what unites us and what sets us apart from each other? These are the complex questions social anthropologists seek to answer. At Book Depository, every belief, attitude and period of history is covered in an array of carefully researched and thought-provoking social anthropology texts. To get started, delve into Jared Diamond’s synthesis of ecology, biology, history and linguistics in Guns, Germs and Steel or explore the stunning scope of humanity in Brandon Stanton’s best-selling Humans of New York, a collection of intriguing portraits and personal stories from ordinary New Yorkers.