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Horror books give us the stories we love to fear. The best horror fiction burrows into our brains and stretches our thoughts, asking questions of the human condition and, sometimes, leading us to glance nervously over our shoulders. Book Depository sells the greatest horror novels from authors past and present. Explore our huge range online today.

Bestselling Horror Books

Hundreds of years of horror books

Horror books have evolved over the centuries since classics like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Bram Stoker’s Dracula first appeared on the scene, but we’re still as shocked and thrilled by vampires, ghosts and zombies as we’ve been from the beginning. Whether you’re looking to be chilled by the old masterpieces or you’re ready for something new, you’ll find the best of horror’s history here at Book Depository.

Modern masters and horror classics

Modern authors like Stephen King (The Shining, The Green Mile), Junji Ito (Uzumaki), Max Brooks (World War Z) and Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) have carved out places in the folklore of horror fiction with stunning stories which, in many cases, have made it beyond the page and horrified us from our TVs and cinema screens.

These authors are the latest in a line of masterful horror writers stretching back centuries. 20th century authors like H. P. Lovecraft and Shirley Jackson still resonate with modern audiences, while the works of Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde (The Picture of Dorian Grey) and Robert Louis Stevenson (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) have never lost their potency.