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True crime books will shock and amaze you. Fascinating and terrifying in equal measure, there’s something grizzly here for the true crime buff. Explore topics from gangsters to the mafia, and from psychopaths to hard men in our selection of thousands of true crime classics and the latest bestsellers in the genre.

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The Best of True Crime

Book Depository sells true crime books from the bestselling investigative authors around the world. From celebrated journalist and author of Bad Blood John Carreyrou to authors like Truman Capote (In Cold Blood), Ann Rule (Small Sacrifices) and Roberto Saviano (Gomorrah) who shaped the genre, discover the best reads from authors who have spent countless hours of research to bring these stories of horror to life.

Crime throughout history

As well as modern crime stories, Book Depository’s true crime books search the depths of history to bring some of the darkest moments in humanity’s past into the light. Explore our best selling Jack the Ripper books to learn more about one of the Victorian era’s most notorious killers, or lose yourself in the decades of the 20th century in the works of writers like Robert Graysmith, Jon Krakauer and Janet Malcolm.