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Welcome to our Teaching Resources & Education category. We have a great selection of books and resources for teachers and students alike. Boost your brainpower with studying techniques or pick up exam and revision books to ensure you pass with flying colours. You’ll be able to plan your future with our range of careers resources, giving concrete goals and steps along the way. Alternately, become a more effective educator thanks to teaching books from the experts.

Whether you’re a student or working in the education field, you’ll find a vast selection of resources to pave your way to success. Our teaching resources and education books include a full selection of exam and revision guides for standardised testing. Learn concrete skills to help you succeed in an academic setting, including critical thinking, dissertation writing, and exam skills. Time management is an important skill to learn for educators, students and professionals alike, so titles like Kate Williams’ Time Management can be a big help.

Teachers will find plenty of resources on offer when it comes to understanding child development as well as lesson planning. Supplement your reading with real-life case studies and activities to try out in your classroom. Learn new techniques to teach children a growth mindset, or read more about the importance of play in the classroom. Our selection also includes guides to teaching children with special needs like dyslexia or Asperger’s Syndrome. From the fundamentals of education theory and child psychology to subject-specific teaching guides, we offer a comprehensive collection of resources.