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Discover Bibles suitable for every situation and all walks of life. Explore a wide range of the best modern editions, from the classic KJV to popular contemporary translations like the ESV and NIV. You can also find resources to help deepen your understanding as you read, with study Bibles, Bible commentaries and study guides written and edited by the world’s foremost Christian leaders, academics and authors.

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Find the perfect Bible for yourself or others at Book Depository. Choose from thousands of the world’s best modern editions to find anything from the ideal first Bible for a new Christian, to scholarly study Bibles containing unparalleled academic commentary. Whether you’re exploring faith, a new Christian or someone who has loved the Bible for decades, we have something for you here.

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Study Bibles and Bible study resources are some of the best ways to read in-depth commentary on the whole Bible. Discover resources for the whole spectrum of the global Church, including the popular ESV Study Bible, the world’s first Orthodox Study Bible and the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible.

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There are so many ways for Children to engage with the stories and message of the Bible. Colourful visual editions like The Brick Bible and The Jesus Storybook bring the Bible to life for younger children, while books like Manga Messiah are aimed at engaging older children and teens. These Bibles and stories make perfect gifts for children learning more about God.