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Featured Book & Paper Crafts

Paper crafts are the perfect hobby for all ages and incredibly versatile. You can make wonderful creatures with origami, create unique collages, or learn the art of quilling – it’s a universal pastime! And with Book Depository, you can dive into our fantastic range of paper craft books to get you started.


Children's Colouring Books

Keeping a scrapbook

Paper crafts are the perfect way to escape and grow your artistic side. You don’t need to be an expert—just grab some paper and let your creativity flow. Inspiring books from the likes of Millie Marotta and John Montroll can get you started. There are a ton of different techniques and styles to learn, from the Japanese art of origami to quilling, which involves rolled paper to create decorative designs. And then there’s halloween and Christmas paper crafts for late seasons, perfect for kids and adults alike.