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Welcome to our Mind, Body and Spirit category. We have a great selection of books to inspire you, help you relax and improve your well-being; including yoga books, metaphysics books, spiritual books and much more.

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Go inward to learn more about yourself with our range of mind, body and spirit books. Calm your mind and focus on what really matters with meditation and mindfulness titles. You’ll learn how to be still with titles like Dr Patrizia Collard’s The Little Book of Mindfulness and Eline Snel’s Sitting Still Like a Frog, which focus on the practical benefits of tuning into the present. Pick up bestselling yoga books or focus on simple tips to boost your confidence with the pocketbook series from Gill Hasson.

Unlock the secrets of the mind with all its mysteries using our selection of metaphysics and spirituality books. Try interpreting your dreams to learn more about your inner self with classic titles from Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, or delve into the world of Tarot and divination. We also offer bestsellers at the forefront of holistic and alternative medicine, including Anthony Williams’ Medical Medium series. Peruse books about healing crystals, essential oils, and traditional herbal remedies. Balance your mind, body and spirit to feel your best.