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Philosophy books broaden our horizons, challenge us to think critically and help us engage with the purpose of life itself. What more could you want from your next read? Explore the original works of philosophers from throughout history, read modern commentaries and discover brand new philosophy books from the brightest minds of the 21st century, all available with free delivery from Book Depository.

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Western Philosophy

Discover bestsellers old and new

It’s easy to think of philosophy books as obscure tomes written by old men in centuries gone by, but its ongoing study is still a vitally important part of humanity’s ability to work out its place in the universe.

You’ll find all of the philosophy classics that you would expect to see in Book Depository’s extensive range, with books by and about great historical thinkers like Immanuel Kant, René Descartes and David Hume, but in our selection they are accompanied by fresh perspectives from the present day, including thought-provoking works from Jordan B. Peterson, Rebecca Giggs, and Amartya Sen.

Philosophy books for beginners

Philosophy books can seem obscure and impenetrable, but Book Depository gives you a range of different ways to find your feet in this expansive subject area. Explore the likes of the Cambridge Companion series, discover accessible popular philosophy writing and modern editions of classic works to find fresh thought, and buy classic texts with explanatory notes and helpful introductions that will prove invaluable in your navigation of philosophy’s deep waters.