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Nail-biting battles, clever invasion strategies, and profiles of the world’s best military minds are all included in our wide range of war history books.

World War II and Conflict

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War History Books

From ancient to modern warfare, there are titles covering virtually all conflicts throughout the history of mankind. If you’re interested in reliving some of the world’s most tense and important moments, browse through our selection of military history books.

Ancient warfare

Many of the best war history books are also the oldest. The Roman Empire was built on the back of warfare, and ancient Greek and Roman writers were some of the most prolific military writers. Homer’s poetry depicts the Trojan wars, while Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War is still one of the most gripping dramas ever written. It covers the great war between Athens and Sparta, which has been studied for thousands of years.

World Wars

The 20th Century is marked by its two major worldwide conflicts, WWI and WWII. These have provided endless fodder for war history books written both then and now. Explore the major battles and strategies of allied leaders like Churchill and Eisenhower, or read semi-fictional depictions of the wars like Ernest Hemingway’s unforgettable A Farewell to Arms that put you right in the action. Popular WWII titles include Christer Bergstrom’s The Battle of Britain and John Sadler’s Ghost Patrol, which are must-reads for any war history buff.

The Modern Era

It’s said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and we can learn many lessons from reading about warfare not only in the past but in more recent history. Learn more about warfare in the modern era, with war history books covering the period from the Vietnam War right up to present-day conflicts in Afghanistan and Syria. From classics like Sun Tzu’s Art of War to the latest books from John Clancy, there’s plenty to choose from.