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Find top language books and dictionaries to help you master new languages and learn more about the ones you know already. Book Depository sells top language learning books, including fantastic ranges like Languages for Dummies, Grammar in Use and Pearson’s Cutting Edge English Language Training. You can also find books on the philosophy of language, language theory and even public speaking. Shop online with free delivery worldwide.

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The art of language connects us to the world. Improve your verbal and written communication skills with our outstanding collection of dictionaries and grammar guides. Public speaking can be intimidating, but with books like Dale Carnegie’s The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking you’ll learn some new techniques to make it a little bit easier. Learn the secrets of TED Talk speakers, or read the world’s greatest speeches for inspiration. We also offer dictionaries to help you improve your vocabulary, as well as grammar guides like Strunk’s The Elements of Style for impeccable writing skills. Boost your confidence with bestselling language classics.

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