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Music books include everything from the history of music, to broad musical theory and deep dives into specific styles and genres. With its depths of emotion, history and culture, there is a never-ending supply of reading material for music lovers to devour and take you to new depths of appreciation for our universal language. Whether you want to learn how to play the piano or reveal what goes on inside the mind of your favourite artist, there is a music book for everyone. Find your next read or thoughtful gift with Book Depository today.

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We all have our favourite bands or artists, but what is it that makes their music so irresistible? Uncover the secrets, lives and musical genius of artists such as Elton John (Me), Amy Winehouse (My Amy by Tyler James), Patti Smith (Just Kids) and Miles Davis (Miles). Delve deep into our wide collection of biographies and find whole new meanings within your most-played songs.

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Learn from history's greatest and deep dive into our range of classical music books. For an in-depth look into the bibliographical background of the great composers, take a look at Michael Steen's The Lives and Times of the Great Composers or take a more personal look with John Suchet's Mozart.

Feeling inspired? Whether you play piano, guitar or any instrument whatsoever, we have an extensive collection of music theory books from beginner (Music Theory in Practice, Grade 1 by Eric Taylor) straight through to advanced. Take your understanding one step further by discovering the psychology of music in Daniel Levitin's This is Your Brain on Music.