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Botany books range from academic publications aimed at seasoned botanists to accessible works that novice gardeners can use to get their flower beds started. Discover fascinating facts and practical tips from botanists, scientists, nature-lovers and horticulturalists that will cultivate your enthusiasm for plants whatever your experience level. Order your next botany book today with free shipping around the world.

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Our best selling botany books include Peter Wohllenben's The Hidden Life of Trees, which is a fascinating insight into the ‘social networks' of woods and forests, Merlin Sheldrake's groundbreaking in-depth look at fungi, Entangled Life, and Amy Stewart's quirky history of 150 years of plant science, The Drunken Botanist. As you can see from these books alone, the world of botany books is almost as rich and varied as the plant kingdom itself, with talented scientists and authors bringing insights, to the general public in engaging, approachable and entertaining ways.

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There are botany books for everyone at Book Depository: seasoned horticulturalists, students, first-time gardeners and everything in between. Whatever your plant-based goals, find books to fascinate and delight you from the top botanical authors around the world. Learn more about garden plants, trees, fungi, herbs and plenty more besides, or explore our other collections to find specific subjects, like phycology or plant ecology.