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Science books bring the genius of the world’s top scientists into our homes, bringing us face to face with astonishing breakthroughs, hard-hitting truths and our universe’s natural wonders. Discover the work of leading scientists and geographers in our extensive range of books spanning countless topics within the natural sciences. Order online today to start pondering multiverse theories, exploring the wonders of life on earth, or glimpsing the possible futures of humankind.

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As our knowledge of the natural sciences evolves, so too does the range of top books produced by the world’s leading scientists. In recent years, international bestsellers have been produced in fields as diverse as astrophysics, biology and geography, with names like Stephen Hawking, Yuval Noah Harari and Brian Greene familiar even to those of us with no background in academic science. Browse our bestsellers to find top science writing on a subject that interests you.

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Alongside our science books, Book Depository has a wide selection of fascinating geography books covering topics like global economies, the geography of politics and essays on the anthropocene. These books engage with real issues of humanity and the health of our planet from a sound academic foundation, offering something of interest for both seasoned geographers and those new to the field. Discover engaging authors like John Green, Tim Marshall and Donella Meadows when you order online from Book Depository.