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Law books range from academic textbooks to fascinating insights into the legal world and the people who have made it what it is today. Written by a rich variety of lawyers, commentators and academics, Book Depository’s huge range of legal books features titles from around the world. Lawyers, students and interested members of the public will find everything they need to grow their legal knowledge right here.

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Engage with the legal world in a new way

Whatever your level of experience in law, find books from expert authors that will further your knowledge. With bestselling legal authors including political theorist Hannah Arendt, moral philosopher John Rawls and anonymous lawyer the Secret Barrister all represented in these titles, there is no shortage of different perspectives and fascinating experiences to enjoy.

Popular law books for everyone

While some of our law books are textbooks or academic in nature, many of the titles are intended for wider audiences. Popular books include The Secret Barrister, written by an anonymous lawyer, journalist Irin Carmon’s biography of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and historian Richard Rothstein’s challenging look at housing segregation in America: The Color of Law.

Whatever your interest is in the legal field, you’ll find books that deepen your knowledge in engaging, thought provoking ways. Order online with free delivery worldwide.