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Bookmarks Competition, The Winners!
We asked our customers all over the world to show us their artistic talents - and tell us a little about themselves too. They did so in their hundreds, we had fantastic entries from all over the world. In fact we received so many great entries that we failed to choose just ten, and have selected 20 winners instead. The winners were from ten countries and aged between 8 and 55.

We are going to print and enclose two million bookmarks with the books we send out, so the artists get a little bit of fame across the 90 plus countries that we ship to for free. The winning bookmarks will feature the customer’s design, name, country and favourite book.

These are just 20 of the many, excellent entries we received throughout the duration of the competition. The entries can be viewed on our flickr stream.
Alina Pancere Bookmark Alina Pancere | Anthiropoulou Christina Bookmark Anthriopoulou Christina | Damien Kavanagh Bookmark Damien Kavanagh | Dilka Fernandez Bookmark Dilka Fernandez | Donna Jensen Bookmark Donna Jensen | James Woolgar Bookmark James Woolgar | Jehanne Silva-Freimane Bookmark Jehanne Silva-Freimane | Karin Taylor Bookmark Karin Taylor | Lara Schubert Bookmark Lara Schubert | Li-Pei Huang Bookmark Li-Pei Huang | Melina Mikulic Bookmark Melina Mikulic | Michael Richards Bookmark Michael Richards | Myles Egan Bookmark Myles Egan | Niki Vounoridis Bookmark Niki Vounoridis | Omar Alhakawati Bookmark Omar Alhakawati | Ricado Reis Bookmark Ricado Reis | Richard Nicholls Bookmark Richard Nicholls | Rusaila I Bazlamit Bookmark Rusaila I Bazlamit | Selina Yuk Tzang Pan Bookmark Selina Yuk Tzang Pan | Sisi Dou Bookmark Sisi Dou |
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