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  • To self-publish or not?

    Wed, 25 Mar 2009 04:57

    An interesting article by Damien G. Walter on self-publishing:

    To date, self publishing has been a bad idea. People without the necessary skills and experience full prey to vanity publishers. Writers with some talent but who are still learning can expose their work too soon. Excellent writing can find itself swamped among the dross that is self published every year and no one bothers to go looking for it. The general wisdom on self publishing for anyone who aspires to become a professional author has been... don't.

    But over the last few years advances in printing technology, ebooks and the internet have started to change the viability of self publishing. A small number of very talented writers -- Kelly Link and John Scalzi spring to mind -- have self published at strategic moments in their career and benefited massively from doing so. The podcast and audio fiction revolution has allowed writers like J C Hutchins and Mur Lafferty to build a considerably larger following than many conventionally published authors will ever achieve, and podcasting poster boy Scott Sigler has transitioned into a conventional publishing deal. And while no major authors are yet self publishing, many are making their work available online in ebook format (more...)

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