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  • This is the video trailer for Ted Mooney's fourth novel, The Same River Twice (pre-order now; out in a week). According to YouTube, "it is, with the exception of the trailer for Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice, the first video trailer for a work of serious literary fiction, and it is made by a serious new-media artist, John Gara. As all book trailers are meant to do, it serves to introduce the viewer to a book soon to be published, but in this case it is also to be enjoyed in its own right, as a separate work of art. The basic plot of the book can be deduced from the succession of images, but it also stands up to repeated viewings on its own terms, not least because of its ingenuity in solving various artistic problems inherent in the form. This video is an uncannily close interpretation of the novel and its themes -- less an "advertisement" than a companion piece -- and that makes it a rarity":


    1. Snowcrash's avatar Snowcrash

      *twitch* I guess Neal Stephensons Anathem is insufficiently serious for whoever wrote the Youtube quote above. Sigh, back to the SF ghetto we go then....

      Posted Wed, 05 May 2010 05:24

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