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    Surely no one is more qualified to help than Book Wizard, Barry Cunningham - the original publisher of Harry Potter. He has worked with some of the greatest names in children's books past and present - from J.K. Rowling to Roald Dahl and Cornelia Funke. And now, as the highly successful publisher of Chicken House, he is busy finding outstanding new fiction.

    Every month he'll talk book magic: pick a favourite story - and link it to another lesser-known book that keen young readers will also enjoy!

    This month - Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

    I was very privileged to work with the estate of C.S. Lewis (in fact, he went to my old school) and see some of the manuscripts of the wonderful NARNIA series with his original notes. I also met Pauline Baynes, the original illustrator who drew the first maps of Narnia, visualising his extraordinary world. Travelling from the here and now to a land of wonder, where making new friends is as important as standing up to evil, required what C.S. Lewis called 'valour'. And that's what readers will need - and will love - as they travel literally through the pages of a book into Cornelia Funke's fantastic world of INKHEART. Here they will join an amazing cast of characters - deciding whose side you are on is just as exciting as in Narnia, even though things turn out not to be quite so black and white! For ages 9+

    '... a breathtakingly fast-moving tale.' INDEPENDENT

    '... one of the outstanding children's novels of the year.' THE TIMES

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