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  • Steves Top Ten crime books

    Mon, 13 Jun 2011 07:49

    Hello, and welcome to the first blog entry in our Summer Festival of reading.

    This week we're celebrating great crime books and every day we've got competitions and guest posts for you to enter, watch and read.

    We thought we'd kick off though with our resident office crime buff Steve to give us his current top ten (an everchanging list...). What would you put in your top ten?

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    Posted by Adam Adam

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    1. Chaya Galai's avatar Chaya Galai

      I would include anything by Donna Leon, Barbara Vine-A Dark Adapted Eye or A Fatal Inversion, Celia Fremlin The Hours Before Dawn.

      Posted Wed, 15 Jun 2011 20:10
    2. Angela Thomas's avatar Angela Thomas

      How about C J Sansom, Sue Grafton, Donna Leon, Sara Paretsky, Christopher Brookmyre, Colin Dexter - I could go on & on but as I lost about 700 books when my house burnt down last year, it's all a bit painful!

      Posted Wed, 15 Jun 2011 13:20
    3. Sue Dutton's avatar Sue Dutton

      Thanks to all for recommending new authors. I'd like to contribute Jason Goodwin and Frank Tallis for their Turkish and Viennese detectives; James Anderson for his 'awfully, awfully' British touch and Jaqueline Winspear for her insight into the concieved role of women during and post WW1.

      Posted Wed, 15 Jun 2011 00:12
    4. M Yock's avatar M Yock

      I like Australian author Peter Corris as well as Peter Temple. On a lighter note, Carl Hiaasen's crime novels, simply LOL and ridiculous, but highly entertaining.

      Posted Tue, 14 Jun 2011 03:51
    5. Lilian Topic's avatar Lilian Topic

      No list is complete without Behind the Night Bazaar by Angela Savage and the follow up The Half Child; and the Feng Shui Detective Series by Nury Vittachi. Savage's protagonist Jayne Keeney is a sexy, smart babe who is comfortable skirting the east/west divide. Along with the hysterically funny Mr Wong in Vittachi's series she is a top fave character. Must read!

      Posted Tue, 14 Jun 2011 03:26

      i love whodunnits where you are given the chance to discover the killer - so serial killings dont do it for me - i like analysing motives etc - love PD James, Janet Neel, Elizabeth George and the old classics like Margery Allingham, Josephine Tey, Georgette Heyer and D L Sayers. also adore the South African series of James McClure with the Zulu Mickey Zondi, ooops forgot Reginal Hill, Michael Innes, some Harlan Coben, Michael Gilbert, Rex Stout, Ngaio Marsh - i could go on but must add E C Bentley

      Posted Tue, 14 Jun 2011 02:47
    7. Patrick Garson's avatar Patrick Garson

      This "blog" would have been about a million times better, better read, and more widely shared if Steve had actually listed _why_ he picked those ten, and his thoughts about them.

      Posted Mon, 13 Jun 2011 23:57
    8. Cathy Boyd's avatar Cathy Boyd

      To Dona Hartwich Have you ever thought of getting some of James Patterson noverls such as Daniel X and his Alex Cross series. I am unsure if your school is co-ed or same sexed, but while working at a high school library, I the students also loved a lot of manga as well. If your school is co ed, I am can't remember what the age group is for these books but have you thought of the Secret Seven The Famous five for the 13 age group. Depending on the true crime books you could could have a look into Jack the Ripper.

      Posted Mon, 13 Jun 2011 23:09
    9. Dona Hartwich's avatar Dona Hartwich

      I am a librarian in a high school, (7-12) whose library was destroyed by a fire on Good Friday, so now we have to rebuild our stock. My query is what crime novels would you suggest for teenagers? Is In Cold Blood too gruesome for senior students? Lots of the boys love true crime stories.

      Posted Mon, 13 Jun 2011 21:52
    10. S Levy's avatar S Levy

      I know a lot of people like reading John Grisham, but be warned - don't bother with 'Theodore Boone'. His attempt at capturing the teen market is an abject failure. Not only does he fail dismally to stick to his plot and bring it to a satisfactory conclusion, but he also writes condescendingly and does not understand his audience. I can't see many young readers finishing the book. Before Grisham writes for the teenage market, he needs to learn how. Heaven knows why the publishers bought this one, but they did. Amazing what you can get away with, once you're famous.

      Posted Mon, 13 Jun 2011 17:48
    11. S Levy's avatar S Levy

      I just read 'A Beautiful Place to Die' by Malla Nunn and couldn't put it down. Now I'm waiting for an Adrian Highland at my library - did we attend the same session at the Perth Writers' Festival? For Australian crime fiction you can't beat Kerry Greenwood. And for American quality, Bill Pronzini does it for me - literary crime writing at its best. But my #1 all time favourite is the 'No 1 Ladies Detective Agency' by Alexander McCall Smith. Gotta love that traditionally built woman!

      Posted Mon, 13 Jun 2011 17:40
    12. colleen higgins's avatar colleen higgins

      All Harlan Coben books, PJ Tracey - Play to Kill, Stephen Leather all books, Karen Rose all bookes, Simon Kernick - The Last 10 Seconds. Lee Childs - all Jack Reacher books

      Posted Mon, 13 Jun 2011 16:42
    13. Sandra Knott's avatar Sandra Knott

      I cant find 12 Dead or Alive in any of your Catagry´s, it was written for Children 10 years onwards, my Grandchildren loved it, they want to read the sequal to it. Its full of Witches and strange things like two headed dogs skeletons that ride on horses,all the excitment that children of this age love to read. It´s very new so not many readers will have come across it. look it up ,you wont be disapointed. Dave Smith

      Posted Mon, 13 Jun 2011 14:50
    14. Angela Savage's avatar Angela Savage

      Being Australian, I would include 'The Broken Shore' by Peter Temple, 'A Beautiful Place to Die' by Malla Nunn, 'Diamond Dove' by Adrian Highland and 'Wyatt' by Garry Disher. For the rest, Chandler and Conan Doyle would stay, also Martin Cruz Smith, but 'Havana Bay' over 'Gorky Park'. I'd add 'Case Histories' by Kate Atkinson, 'The Song is You' by Megan Abbott, 'The Judas Child' by Carol O'Connell and 'The Long Firm' by Jake Arnott. OMG, is that ten already? But I have to find space for Michael Dibdin, Dashiell Hammett, Val McDermid, Henning Mankell, Daniel Pennac, James Ellroy, Vikas Swarup...

      Posted Mon, 13 Jun 2011 13:08

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