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  • Are you a DF!? Steve Almond is...

    Steve Almond does not question whether rock 'n' roll can save your life; he outright proclaims in his new book that it will. There's one catch: You have to be what Almond has dubbed a DF, drooling fanatic, one who devotes way too much time to listening to and obsessing over music.

    Since the Boston writer is an admitted DF, "Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life" is as much memoir as it is discussion about music as emotional, spiritual, and psychological balm. And as pilgrims go, Almond is a pretty funny seeker.

    Almond traces his obsession to his boyhood and stuffs self-deprecating wit into his tales about developing musical tastes by trying to follow an older brother's lead or making his teachers suffer through piano lessons. Yet, after describing how intently he and a middle-school buddy listened daily to an AC/DC record, Almond pauses the laugh track to make the observation, "Drooling Fanaticism boils down to undivided attention, which is not only our most endangered human resource, but the first and final act of love." (More via the Boston Times...)

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