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  • Professor Munakata v Mr Noh

    Fri, 06 Jan 2012 14:32

    blog imageBefore Christmas, to celebrate the Yukinobu Hoshino exhibition at the British Museum, we ran a competition to design a Manga super hero. We've had dozens of brilliant entries which you can see on our flickr page here. But, as in every super hero battle, there has to be a winner and our judges (two of the British Museum's Japan curators and comics aficionado Paul Gravett) have come to their decision.

    Mr Noh by Agosto is the winner of all our Manga and British Museum goodies.

    The judges were hugely impressed by the quality of the entries and wanted to give honourable mentions to five others. So, well done RebeccaM, KolyaS, Francisca, TeaganM and VickiS.

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