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    Fri, 01 Jul 2011 08:36

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    We had some wonderful entries, so thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to write in. But we had to have a winner and that is Thalia Troianou:

    "I cannot claim that the very first book I ever read was romantic fiction. Far from it. I think I started reading fantasy and science fiction when I was in my early teens and to this day I enjoy losing myself in different worlds and dimensions. But romantic fiction was always around in my house. When we moved to a new country my mother would read romances to help her with the language and my grandmother is such a huge fan of the genre that almost her entire library is comprised of romantic fiction books. But strangely enough the first romance I ever read was a book I borrowed from a girl at a summer camp. To his day I still remember the plot and the look of the book. It wasn't a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination; comparing it to the plethora of romantic fiction books I've read since I can safely say that it was below average. But its impact on me was tremendous. For the first time I read a story about the relationship between a couple, the interactions between two people of the opposite sex. It wasn't about the physical relationship; most of the books then did not contain any graphic descriptions of sex, and to be honest I was not yet old enough to actually know what exactly a physical relationship meant. But the story itself fascinated me. As soon as I got back from the summer camp I read all the romantic fiction books we had at home and then I started on my grandmother's library. It took a while to realize that real life did not always include a happily ever after like the books did, but still all these books helped me see, and partly learn about, situations I had never encountered before. Many people look at romantic fantasy and scorn it but the right book - even a romantic fiction book - can teach you something interesting and useful, especially as a young adult trying to make sense of the world.
    I still read romantic fiction. I read it for fun, for relaxing and sometimes for my peace of mind as it has helped me through really difficult stages of my life. When everything around you is falling to pieces and there's nothing you can do but struggle and endure, a good book - especially a fun book with a happy ending - can make life a little more bearable (at least for me).
    So really romantic fiction is a big part of my reading library and my life. And it always will be.
    P.S. I cannot help but recommend a few of my absolutely favorite books, books I've read so many times that they fell apart and I had to buy them again, even though I can quote them almost verbatim. Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen and North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell are three masterpieces everyone should read."

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    1. Rosey Thomas Palmer's avatar Rosey Thomas Palmer

      Hi Thalia, I was fascinated to read your blog about romantic historical fiction. Like you I remember little of the first books I read but I never forget the plot and charaters of Margaret Irwin's book that introduced me to this genre. Nowadays we'd call the one my reading life turned on as "time slip" for the modern character fell in love with a ghost in the presence of whom her contemporary men friends paled to insignificance. After that I read all her other books in which heroines, famed and unfamed, fell in love within the culture and concerns of their eras. Yet the fascination of mixing time lines has remained with me such that in my novel ,"Hues of Blackness", (available form Book depository) Amy achieves the ambitions of a lifetime, despite the loss of language brought on by a debilitating stroke, by calling forward the past lives of women from whom she has descended. Let's read more, enjoy more, share more. Love you, congrats on a blog recognition well earned. Rosey Thomas Palmer

      Posted Wed, 13 Jul 2011 17:58
    2. M Yock's avatar M Yock

      Awesome, Thalia. I hear you, I'm with you.

      Posted Tue, 05 Jul 2011 04:45

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