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  • On Poetry (and dead time)

    Wed, 02 Feb 2011 10:05

    blog imageWhen Jo Shapcott's poetry book 'Of Mutability' won this year's Costa Book of the Year there was nearly universal agreement with the choice. There was some anxiety in the book trade that a poetry title winning the award would not deliver as many sales as a book from another genre (we've sold out at the time I'm writing this so could well have been an unnecessary concern).

    Poetry, I think, could be an almost perfect literary form our 'snackable' culture, yet it's still an art form that many people find it hard to access. Unlike a novel people are unlikely to pick up a collection of poems and read it from beginning to end, indeed that isn't what they're designed for. Also there is a misconception (I think) that they're too highbrow and inaccessible.

    I've been especially enjoying two titles recently, Paul Muldoon's 'Maggot' and ' Simon Armitage's 'Seeing Stars'. My trick for picking them up and reading a poem at a time? Leaving them by my laptop to read whilst Windows boots up. Of course if you have a machine that's faster than mine you might need to try some Emily Dickinson. Why not try to slip in some poetry in some of your dead time?

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    1. Kym O'Driscoll's avatar Kym O'Driscoll

      I don't seem to "get" poetry. I must be a neanderthal!!

      Posted Mon, 21 Feb 2011 22:55
    2. SoniaGasti's avatar SoniaGasti

      I always read a poem when I commute to/from work. I´m currently reading poems by D.H.Lawrence!WOW! My journeys have really changed!

      Posted Sat, 05 Feb 2011 14:23

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