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    Tue, 09 Dec 2008 11:40

    Book Depository: What/who do you see as your primary market?

    Rachel Lindsay: Nelson Thornes is one of the UK's leading educational publishers providing engaging and creative blended learning resources of the highest quality that support teachers and motivate students of all abilities from Primary through to Higher Education. We listen to, and understand the needs of our customers and offer a wide portfolio of effective curriculum resources specifically designed to enhance and enrich the teaching and learning experience – truly bringing learning to life.

    BD: What are the principal challenges/opportunities you see at the moment in the business of publishing books?

    RL: As an educational publisher, there is a huge amount of curriculum change at the moment, including Key Stage 3, A Level and the introduction of the new Diplomas this year, as well as GCSE and NVQ's next year. Our challenge is to continue publishing engaging and motivating resources across the board whilst maintaining the high standards expected from AQA (Britain's largest examination board) that means our new A Level, GCSE and Diploma resources are exclusively endorsed.

    BD: What brings you to the decision to publish a particular title/author?

    RL: We are constantly looking to develop resources that are engaging and stimulating, whatever the subject area. In the ever-changing field of education we need to respond quickly to meet the needs of new qualifications. For example, our new CACHE resources have been written specifically for the new CACHE Level 2 and 3 in Childcare and Education qualifications. As the only publisher officially endorsed by AQA, our A Level resources are designed to raise standards and complement all teaching styles and learning abilities. We are currently developing new GCSE level resources with AQA in preparation for the major curriculum changes next year.

    BD: What books are you most proud of having published?

    RL: Our AQA A Level resources are truly innovative in their use of the latest technology to provide a totally blended solution to A Level teaching and learning. At the other end of the spectrum, Teaching Today, by Geoff Petty, will be re-editioned for the fourth time next year, and has proved itself as an indispensable text for all teachers. We are also proud of the strong relationships we have built with specific Sector Skills Councils, such as the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) which endorses our hugely popular Hillier’s Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology books.

    BD: What books are you working on right now?

    RL: We are currently completing our suite of AQA endorsed A Level texts, the AS student books were published this spring with A2 following throughout the autumn and into next year ready for September 2009. We are also well underway with work on the new AQA endorsed GCSEs where we have secured many leading authors who are members of the relevant senior examining teams. Plus re-editions of Teaching Today, the new NVQs and Diplomas, so all in all, we are extremely busy!


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