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  • London Word Festival

    Fri, 12 Dec 2008 06:24

    According to an article in the Independent, the inaugural London Word Festival, set in the East End, opens tomorrow. The festival ...
    ... is the latest arts event gladly to smudge literary boundaries: from poetry and blistering prose to comedy mayhem, the festival promises the unexpected and takes its cue from the surging popularity of live literature, which has carved a genre-defying niche and breathed new life into the music festival circuit. "It spans a whole number of art forms," says Tom Chivers, who has produced the festival alongside Sam Hawkins and Marie McPartlin. "We were looking for people who were strong performers; that's a given with some of the musicians and comics, but also from the literary side of things, being a strong performer, having a certain level of engagement with the audience and also work of genuine quality was important." "There's a really vibrant arts scene in the area," says Chivers, "and it does have quite a history for literature, particularly going back to the old Jewish East End. There are loads of great venues here as well. We hope that people experience something they may not even consider as literature; they could go to a night which is predominantly comedy, or predominantly music, and end up seeing a play. It's the experience of going to a seemingly conventional event and seeing it twisted."
    The London Word Festival runs until the 13th March.

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