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  • Lest we forget: Dunkirk

    Thu, 27 May 2010 08:14

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    Via the Guardian:

    The Little Ships are heading back to Dunkirk again today, a celebratory jaunt marking the 70th anniversary of the desperate nights when coal boats and barges, luxury private launches and paddle steamers built for holiday trips around the lighthouse joined naval and military craft in an eccentric fleet of 900 vessels which repeatedly crossed the Channel to evacuate more than 338,000 troops from the beaches around the French port.

    Operation Dynamo, carried out between 27 May and 4 June 1940, under continuous German bombardment, was described by Winston Churchill as "a miracle of deliverance" and put the phrase Dunkirk spirit into the language. At least 5,000 died in the operation.

    This morning more than 50 of the original little ships, many with children of the original crew members on board, were seen off from Dover in style, escorted by HMS Monmouth, and with a flypast by the Royal Navy Historic Flight of planes from the period (more...)

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