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  • Kurt Vonnegut RIP

    Fri, 12 Dec 2008 06:24

    The great, anti-war writer Kurt Vonnegut died this Tuesday, 10th April, in New York, at the age of 84, due to brain injuries from a recent fall. The defining moment of his life was the firebombing of Dresden, in Germany, by allied forces in 1945 -- an event he witnessed as a young prisoner of war. His experience was the basis of his best-known work, Slaughterhouse Five which was published at the time of the Vietnam War. More via the BBC.

    Posted by Mark Mark

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    1. Colin Blayney's avatar Colin Blayney

      Sad news. Vonnegut was one of America's true dissenting voices and in the current global political climate his humanist stance is very appealing. Slaughterhouse 5 is on a par with Catch 22 in dealing with the horrors and futility of war. RIP

      Posted Fri, 12 Dec 2008 06:24

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