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  • It's winnin' time!

    Tue, 21 Sep 2010 07:42

    Well, what a response. Thanks so much for the thousands of entries. It's taken a while for us here at Book Depository Towers to make our way through all the reviews and believe me we've read ALL of them. Very difficult to pull out a winner as we had tons of great ones but we've gone for an entry by a young woman, full of vim, vigor and a lot of humor. The book is Going Bovine by Libba Bray and our winner is Alexandra Craddock. Congratulations, a big pile of proofs will be in the post asap.

    'Teenager with a fatal disease? Check. Popularity gained due to said fatal disease? Check. Totally cliched tale of self-discovery? Not at all. Having your mind eaten away by 'unstable, dark matter' with the only thing keeping you alive being a Disney World E-Ticket may seem far-fetched, but in 'Going Bovine', a story so indescribably and fantastically trippy, it's the norm. From the hysterical chapter introductions to characters who are honest and you can relate to (you can really relate if you are being relentlessly pursued by the 'Wizard of Reckoning' or if you're a Viking God trapped in the body of a garden gnome.) My copy of the book is battered, I've read it so many times, the pages are stained with tears and the words smudged after I've laughed so hard I sprayed food across them.
    Punk angel called Dulcie? Check. Giants made of fire with eyes like black diamonds? Check. Happy ending? You'll have to find out.

    ps The name on the review is Alexandra's mum. She has the BD account!

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