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  • Ian McEwan's 'Solar'

    Thu, 11 Mar 2010 05:27

    Just a week to wait and Solar, the latest Ian McEwan novel, will land (you can pre-order right now, of course!).

    The Financial Times already have a review:

    On settling down to read a Solar, two striking features of the novel are immediately apparent. First, that it is a stunningly accomplished work, possibly his best yet; and second, that the book does contain a truly shocking surprise -- not that it deals with climate change, but that it is a comedy. This amounts to a revolutionary shift in tone, in his 11th novel, for a writer famed for his seriousness.

    The protagonist is Michael Beard, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist of Falstaffian appetites, whose fifth marriage is floundering, as his career appears to be drifting towards comfortable, well-paid irrelevance. But a confrontation with a cuckolding colleague radically alters the course of his life, both for better and worse. The humour ranges from characteristic darkly humorous insights about the gulf between our good intentions and our compromised actions, to comic territory that is new to McEwan: out-and-out farce, complete with penis-stuck-in-zip jokes and moments that come close to slapstick (more...)

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