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  • James Lamont reviews Gandhi: Naked Ambition by Jad Adams (via the FT):

    A section of the popular Bahri Sons bookshop in New Delhi's Khan Market is devoted to books about Mohandas K Gandhi, India's liberation leader. Now, 62 years after the Mahatma's death, yet more books are about to be added to its well-stocked shelves. Ramachandra Guha, a Bangalore-based historian and author of India after Gandhi, is writing a two-volume biography, while former New York Times editor Joe Lelyveld's book on Gandhi is to be published next year.

    Jad Adams has got in there ahead of such distinguished rivals with his readable and provocative Gandhi: Naked Ambition. A British historian and research fellow at London University's School of Advanced Study, Adams has already published books on Rudyard Kipling, as well as on India's ruling Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. Here, he focuses on Gandhi's personal and political contradictions in a chronological account of his life. He begins with Gandhi being married off at the age of 13, when he was a not particularly promising student in Gujarat, and ends with the body of one of the world's most celebrated advocates of non-violence being drawn by 200 uniformed servicemen in a state funeral in Delhi (more...)

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