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  • Cows and the Earth

    Mon, 09 Nov 2009 04:37

    Cows and the Earth by Ranchor Prime is a fascinating book enthusiastically endorsed by both musician Chrissie Hynde ("Ranchor Prime explains the meaning behind the ancient tradition of cow protection, and its place in the 21st century environmental movement... no ecological argument can be complete without it") and Patrick Holden, the director of UK Soil Association ("the Krishna farm sets a new standard in organic dairy farming.")

    The books tells the "true story of a unique experiment to transplant Hindu values of cow protection and working oxen to the modern Western world:"

    It all began when George Harrison donated an historic Hertfordshire manor house and 20 acres of farmland to a young community of Krishna people fresh from the city, and two cows. Thirty-six years later the experiment has grown into a carbon-free working farm in a superb set of low-tech English oak farm buildings housing fifty cows and oxen. What makes the farm unique and relevant is that it is Europe's first dairy to run entirely without animal slaughter or the use of fossil fuels, and so fully embodies the principles of sustainable and ethical living necessary for future peace and prosperity.

    Cows and the Earth: a story of dairy farming that is kind to cows from Ranchor Prime on Vimeo.

    Buy Cows and the Earth by Ranchor Prime.

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