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  • blog imageToday, we welcome author Sibella Court onto the blog to talk about her new book, Bowerbird. Sibella Court is the bestselling author of Etcetera, The Stylist's Guide to NYC, Nomad and Bowerbird. After 10 years' working in New York styling for Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Ave, Jo Malone, Pottery Barn, Target and West Elm, and Gourmet, Marie Claire and Vogue Living, Sibella returned to Australia to launch her brand and shop, The Society inc. She has written extensively for Country Style, Grazia, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue Living as a feature writer and contributing editor. Sibella's new book Bowerbird, published by Hardie Grant, is a guide to creating beautiful interiors with collections.

    I first started collecting when I was three years old, putting together shells, sequins, beads & ribbons. Like the Australian Bowerbird, I now go far and wide to add to my collections, styling them into my home or shop once I'm home, arranging and rearranging at a whim. They provide untold inspiration for products or spaces I design and I like to have them at arm's reach for these moments, as well as out to admire & remember. I believe that collections are a vital part of any home & should be admired not hidden away, on show to remind you of a funny moment, a loved one, a smell or a fleeting moment.

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    In my new book Bowerbird, I delved into my own collections, archiving their story & function with my photographer brother, Chris Court, who also collaborated with me on Etcetera & Nomad. This book came about from constantly being asked by clients & customers how they can display their own treasures & finds. People feel like I have said it is ok to collect and finally I felt like it was time to take it to the next step and show everyone what to do with all their things.

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    Through Bowerbird, I show you where and how I find the elements of a collection, how to organise & store your pieces, and how to display them in creative & beautiful ways. I open my library to you, sharing the museums, shops, markets, stories from history & books that inspire and encourage me to collect. I believe a collection is one or more things and can be based on anything. Perhaps it is rope, string & twine; things that fly; are braided; found on the beach or given to you. Loosely grouped into categories such as: tinctures, apothecary & alchemy; oddities & curiosities; ephemera; and objet trouve, you will discover that there are no rules when it comes to collecting. I call it organised chaos and offer Bowerbird as an abstract biography of the way I live and the 3D timeline I surround myself with, because all objects, once held, have a memory or story of where, when and who you were with when you found them. I hope that Bowerbird helps people to embrace their belongings & stories.

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