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    Each Monday, here on Editor's Corner, I run through the latest issue of the Bookseller magazine and pick out the bits and pieces of book industry news that catch my eye.

    This quick round-up of book stuff is culled from the pages of last Friday's 23rd October issue and via the Bookseller website:

    • a second series "of the children's picture book programme Bookaboo is understood to have been commissioned by ITV for the autumn, according to industry sources. The series features a rock star puppy called Bookaboo who shares picture books with a variety of celebrities"
    • social networking sites "like Facebook and Twitter cannot be relied on to build book sales, as an overwhelming majority of readers do not use the sites for recommendations. The results of a survey, conducted in collaboration with book website Lovereading and market research firm BML, discovered that while 56% of respondents used the internet to find out about books, only 17% of respondents found Twitter 'useful' for recommendations"
    • the delayed "Library Service Modernisation Review now has a 'target' publication of the end of November, over a year after it was originally commissioned. A spokesperson for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, said: '[Culture minister] Margaret Hodge has cracked the whip and intends to publish before Christmas, and as soon before Christmas as possible'"
    • the consultation "into the closure of the Edinburgh office of Chambers Harrap will spill over into another week after the company failed to reach a resolution with the local National Union of Journalists yesterday. The NUJ is now taking legal advice over the consultation, and this week launched an online petition protesting about the likely closure"
    • publishers "have talked of a 'purposeful' and 'more positive' Frankfurt in 2009 despite a drop in exhibitor and visitor numbers over 2008"

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