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    Each Monday, here on Editor's Corner, I run through the latest issue of the Bookseller magazine and pick out the bits and pieces of book industry news that catch my eye.

    This quick round-up of book stuff is culled from the pages of last Friday's 16th October issue and via the Bookseller website:

    • Books Etc "is likely to vanish from the British high street by the end of the year after the small chain launched a closing down sale this week"
    • "'Virtually every major territory' was bidding for the hottest book in Frankfurt, Nelson Mandela's private diaries" last week at the Frankfurt Book Fair...
    • publishers "have talked of a quiet and subdued opening to this year's Frankfurt Book Fair, with 'interesting' rather than 'big' titles coming to the fore"
    • a report "into consumer book buying has found that Britons are heavier book buyers than Americans, but Americans have a penchant for mystery and romance books and buy more titles on the internet"
    • John Blake "has acquired an unauthorised biography of bestselling author Stephenie Meyer... due out next March"
    • The Booksellers Association "has accused culture minister Margaret Hodge of promoting unfair competition after she suggested libraries should consider selling books as well as lending them"
    • booksellers "are putting contigency plans in place to ope with the impending postal strike, which analysts predict could cost the UK retail induststry as much as £270m"
    • The Society of Authors' plans "to increase its recommendations for e-royalties to make them 'more favourable' for writers have been called 'unrealistic' by publishers"
    • a "'high-level meeting' to discuss the proposed closure of the Edinburgh office of Chambers Harrap has been called by the staff body within the publisher's parent company Lagardere"
    • the "Google Settlement could take three years to be resolved, according to the Publishers Association. The trade body said there was a 'very, very strong likelihood' that the case would not be resolved until 2012"

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