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  • Last month, I asked you to review your favourite book of 2009, post the review on our site, and then let me know it was there! You sent in some really fabulous book reviews -- thanks so much for them all.

    My favourite ten reviews were:

    What a brilliant set of reviews! I enjoyed them so much that I'm going to run a further, new book reviews competition...

    Again, I just want you to review the last book that you've read -- and please, please make sure you post the review on the book's own detail page NOT just into the comments thread -- and then email me (with your full name and your address, and the link to the review on the site, at Editor AT to let me know it is there. Then, next month, I'll pick my five favourite reviews and send the reviewers a box of advanced copies!


    1. Sheralyn McCrone's avatar Sheralyn McCrone

      Having only just discovered the Berkley Prime Crime Mystery series, I was delighted to discover the Lois Meade series of books by talented British author Ann Purser. Set in the sleepy village of Long Farnden and its surrounding countryside, Lois Meade is a humble cleaning lady to the affluent residents of Farnden. In her day to day encounters with the locals she works for, Lois is privy to information that might help the police locate and arrest the murderer of local woman Gloria Hathaway. With an ending that I did not see coming, Ann craftily weaves real personality into the books characters, making you feel as though you too have insider knowledge into this sleepy hamlet and all its inhabitants. This is the first book in a series featuring Lois and her family, and will not let you down as some other writers do in the crime genre by not giving you enough information to work out whodunnit. I score Ann Pursers book a 4 out of 5 for readability, and I was not able to put it down once started.

      Posted Tue, 26 Jan 2010 17:17

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