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  • Last month, I asked you to review your favourite book, post the review on our site, and then let me know it was there! You sent in some really fabulous book reviews -- thanks so much for them all.

    My five favourite reviews were:

    What a brilliant set of reviews! I enjoyed them so much that I'm going to run a further, new book reviews competition this month as well...

    Again, I just want you to review the last book that you've read -- and please, please make sure you post the review on the book's own detail page NOT just into the comments thread -- and then email me (with your full name and your address, and the link to the review on the site, at Editor AT to let me know it is there (oh, and you can review as many as you like!)

    Then, next month, I'll pick my five favourite reviews and send the reviewers a box of advanced copies. Good luck!


    1. Kieron's avatar Kieron

      Hi Daisy - there wasn't a blog post for the winners of the next five reviews sorry, they did go though as I packed them up myself! We're about to launch a new reviews page and competions to go alongside so keep an eye out for those. Best Kieron

      Posted Tue, 20 Jul 2010 11:21
    2. Daisy's avatar Daisy

      Did you ever post the winners of this competition?

      Posted Tue, 13 Jul 2010 00:34
    3. Daisy's avatar Daisy

      Thanks Kieron - I love reading the winning reviews, so if you ever do have time to post them, that would be great! Am now off to read the complete reviews page, which I hadn't noticed before...

      Posted Fri, 30 Jul 2010 15:31
    4. Karen Wasson's avatar Karen Wasson

      My apologies Natalie, I was mortified to discover that I had made such an error and have corrected my mistake. To the book depository; I was thrilled to be one of the winners of the book review competition, however the box of books I have received as a prize, has landed me in a rather sticky situation!

      Posted Mon, 05 Apr 2010 20:52
    5. Natalie Mills Lyndon's avatar Natalie Mills Lyndon

      I guess this is going to seem picky, but since 'My Family and Other Animals' is among my favourite books of all time, it irritated me quite a bit. Karen Wasson's review misspells the author's name - twice.

      Posted Sat, 13 Mar 2010 09:16

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