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  • Last Monday, Linda Grant, Kate Griffin, Fiona Sampson, Boyd Tonkin and I chose the 2009 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize longlist. After hours of discussion, we came down to a list of sixteen:


    1. emma t's avatar emma t

      This is an interesting list. I read an article over the weekend mourning the fact that only living authors can make the list - so that Bolano, one of the most discussed translations lately, doesn't qualify. And would the Kindly Ones be on the list next year? The sad thing about this list is that I read a lot of translated fiction, but even I only possess one of these books... Solstad... and haven't read it yet! And I only know anything about one of the authors - Kadare. The rest are complete blanks. I know that's the point of the prize, yet I can't help thinking that with book sections cutting back, there won't be much space for a detailed appraisal of all of these (undoubtedly great) books. Maybe there's an opportunity here for a spin off blog... Or one of those blog challenges the American book blogs are so good at.

      Posted Mon, 02 Mar 2009 02:57

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