Best Young Adult Books

Best Young Adult Books

We're excited to bring you our specially curated list of the best classic and modern teen and young adult books, from epic dystopian and fantasy series, to contemporary stories of love and loss, and inspiring true stories of courage. Find classics The Catcher in the Rye and The Outsiders, as well as new favourites by John Green, Rainbow Rowell and Cassandra Clare.

Teen and YA Classic Fiction

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Teen and YA Contemporary Fiction

The One Memory of Flora Banks

Flora has anterograde amnesia. She can't remember anything day-to-day: the joke her friend made, the instructions her parents gave her, how old she is. Then she kisses someone she shouldn't, and the next day she remembers it. It's the first time she's remembered anything since she was ten. But the boy is gone. She thinks he's moved to the Arctic. Will following him be the key to unlocking her memory?

The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr is a brilliant book about how to be brave against the odds, and is out now.

Teen and YA Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books

Teen and YA Non-Fiction