Yogic Cure of Autism

Yogic Cure of Autism : Human Immortality Part--3

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Yoga believes that all diseases are caused by malfunction of nadis.Nadi purification is the top priority of yogic processes. After purification of Nadis or nerves: 1. The energy consumption of all systems and organs are reduced. 2. Cells have to work less and live longer. 3. Their transformation and trans-differentiation are increased. 4. Heart, lung, kidney, intestine which consume more energy, their energy consumption is reduced. 5. Neural energy generation is increased and neural cells get strengthened. 6. Same way all other cells of human body get strengthened. 7. Production of neural and other cells are increased and their weakening and deaths are reduced. 8. Energy is stored in our nerves which gives nerve power called body strength. 9. The renewal process of human body starts and you feel younger and younger every day. 10. Slowly by controlling brain, mind and its thoughts, the requirement of oxygen (breath) and protein (food) are reduced, generating same amount of energy as required by our body prior to this purification. 11. By controlling breath power yogis lastly control thoughts and attain Samadhi. 12. Our breathing and heartbeat is reduced and thereby the whole system is made to consume less energy and save more energy for cells, parts, organs and systems as well as neurons. 13. The protein and food consumption is also reduced. 14. The brain, mind and thought control is increased and one is able to control over one's ego, greed, anger and negate negative thoughts bringing positive thoughts. 15. It brings purity to our thoughts by energizing and activating pineal gland and one is able to think above one and is able to reach the astral plane. 16. Neural network of brain and peripheral system's functions are increased and consciousness is also increased by purification of limbic system and especially hypothalamus gland. 17. Our mental power is increased and all diseases of brain, mind and nadis throughout human body are cured. 18. One can reduce exhaling and keep prana inside as long as one desires thereby strengthening cells and neurons giving them more prana, the life force. 19. One should further know that as long as air is inside the body, thoughts are not generated by our mind, and yogis used this trick to control thoughts. 20. Brain becoming thoughtless, for more time can bring systems of human body to work less and consume less energy and bring cells and neurons to its old potentiality of stem cell. 21. More and more stem cells are generated because cells become calm. 22. Longevity of cells of neurons are increased and so the longevity of human. 23. Neurons are rejuvenated and so the brain decay is reduced and old age and disease of human is reduced and hence the death is avoided. A person becomes disease-free and 269healthy. Yogi's (Writer's) own experience: My experience is that the more you practice vastrika, kapalbati and other pranayama and postures including bandhas and mudras, you reach more stability in breath and control of breathing is real yoga or meditation. Nadi suddhi is a long and difficult process. If one practices vastrika known as anulome- vilome 80 rounds of vastika four times a day ie.320 rounds a day for three months, one can attain nadi suddhi. This also was then, when oxygen percentage or prana in air was almost 40-50 percent. What are the effects of losing or reduced breathing? Losing breath means losing Prana. We know that after inhalation, oxygen (Prana) is diffused from alveoli into capillary because it is permeable to oxygen 5 % of oxygen is dissolved in plasma and rest 95% binds with red blood cells. Under different conditions of temperatures and pressures, being exerted on the cells, hemoglobin gives up the oxygen where it will diffuse the cells to be used for cellular respiration. Cellular respiration is the process moving energy from glucose into ATP. All cells use ATP for metabolic reaction. .show more

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About MR Dwarika Singh

The True Story Behind This Book This book is based upon curing writer's own diseases after he recovered himself from all ailments of stroke; like HBP, very high cholesterol level, loss of memory, speech and partial paralysis of his left side body, left hand, leg and deformed face. All these severe ailments and deformations were cured by practicing yoga only, without help of any doctor who advised him to go on medication for ever without guarantee of any Permanent cure. Writer came to from his study of yogic and medical science that yogic cure is a natural system cure and once systems are fixed, diseases are cured by themselves. Motivation is a must for yoga which is nothing but strong belief and positive thoughts. This book will tell you how to develop positive thoughts by practicing Yoga and once you develop it; there is nothing in the world which can't be achieved by human. Writer is now practicing immortality yoga to become physically immortal. Readers must know that yoga transforms and Trans-differentiates cells and neurons of human body to cure systems and make human immortal.show more