Writing Argumentative Essays (1998 MLA Updated Edition)

Writing Argumentative Essays (1998 MLA Updated Edition)

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For freshman or sophomore level writing courses that teach argumentation and as a supplement in courses in Argument and Literature.This text provides comprehensive instruction in reading, writing, and critical thinking to help students argue clearly and convincingly. It teaches them to identify and develop arguments, to analyze an audience, to seek common ground, and to use a wide, realistic range of techniques to communicate their ideas. It includes clear explanations and examples of argument theory and reading and writing processes, research and documentation skills, and offers engaging classroom exercises.
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Table of contents

I. ENGAGING WITH ARGUMENT FOR READING AND WRITING. 1. A Perspective on Argument. Essays for Analysis: Davidson Goldin, Some College Costs Should be Tax Deductible. Beverly G. Hudnut and William H. Hudnut 3rd, We're Good Republicans - and Pro-Choice. Jeanna Fuston, Issue Proposal on Affirmative Action. 2. Develop Your Personal Argument Style. Essays for Analysis: Shirlee Taylor Haizlip, We Knew What Glory Was. Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien, A View from Berkeley. Ernest Martinez, Giving People a Second Chance. Judy Brady, I Want a Wife. Reiko Hatsumi, A Simple "Hai" Won't Do. 3. A Process for Reading Argument. Essays for Analysis. Sara Rimer, Jobs Illuminate What Riots Hid: Young Ideals. Roberta Israeloff, Don't Know Much About History. Mark Slouka, The Road to Unreality. 4. A Process for Writing Argument. Essays for Analysis: LynNell Hancock and Claudia Kalb, A Room of Their Own. John Allen Paulos, Abortion Activists Bomb Clinic. Tanya Pierce, Trial by Jury, A Fundamental Right and a Flawed System. II. UNDERSTANDING THE NATURE OF ARGUMENT FOR READING AND WRITING. 5. The Essential Parts of an Argument. Essays for Analysis: Advertisement. The Holy Sea, Voice of Sanity in a Sea of Madness. Hi and Lois comic strip. John Evans, What's Happened to Disney Films? Rosemary Parker, Learning by Intimidation. Beth Brunk, Toulmin Analysis of "What's Happened to Disney Films?" Rose M. Johnson, Toulmin Analysis: Hi and Lois Comic Strip. Richard Rieke and Malcolm Sillars, American Value Systems. 6. Types of Claims. Essays for Analysis: Dinesh D'Souza, Black America's Moment of Truth. William Safire, Family Values. Susan Dentzer, Paying the Price of Female Neglect. Christopher Evans, The Men's Movement. William Casey, Computers in Class. Barbara Koenig, Gene Tests: What You Know Can Hurt You. Michele McCormick, We're Too Busy for Ideas. Adam Cadre, And a Purple Dinosaur Shall Lead Them. Michel Marriott, Rap's Embrace of "Nigger" Fires Bitter Debate. Rachel Carson, A Fable for Tomorrow. Lyla Fox, Hold Your Horsepower. 7. Types of Proofs. Essays for Analysis: Anthony Lewis, The Two Nations. David Martin, The Whiny Generation. Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence. Max Shulman, Love is a Fallacy. Kelly Dickerson, Minor Problems? 8. Rogerian Argument and Common Ground. Essays for Analysis: Sara Rimer, A Camp Sows the Seeds of Peace. Marion Duckac, Doctor-Assisted Suicide: Is It Ever an Option? Lois Agnew, Special Education's Best Intentions. Taryn Barnett, Dear Mom. James Villas, Cigarettes Make the Meal. Synthesis of Reading and Writing: A Call for Unity: Letter from Eight White Clergymen. Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail. 9. Argument and Literature. Literature for Analysis: Poem: Langston Hughes, Theme for English B. Short Story: Ursula K. Le Guin, The Ones Who Walked Away from Omelas. Play: Susan Glaspell, Trifles. Argument by a Literary Character: Marc Antony, "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" from Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Sara Orr, Marc Antony's Argument. III. WRITING A RESEARCH PAPER THAT PRESENTS AN ARGUMENT. 10. Clarifying Purpose and Understanding the Audience. Essays for Analysis: New Yorker cartoon. Bill Clinton, Text of Clinton Speech at Vietnam Memorial. 11. Invention and Research. Reading: An Annotated Bibliography.12. Organizing, Writing, and Revising. Essays for Analysis: Johanne Mednick, The Highs of Low Technology. Tanya Pierce, The Importance of Jury Instructions. Darrell D. Greer, Alaskan Wolf Management. Index.
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