World Civilizations

World Civilizations

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Short chapters, great stories, and tons of study tools! Adler and Pouwels's WORLD CIVILIZATIONS is a vibrant introduction to world history structured to meet the demands of your study schedule. It's clearly written, packed with charts and illustrations, and loaded with review features so you'll be up to date in class and ready for the test. And, because WORLD CIVILIZATIONS offers extensive coverage of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, you'll have timely historical insights into the issues that make today's news. Get WORLD CIVILIZATIONS and discover how having all the information you need to know for the test really does equal a better more

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Table of contents

PART I: ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS, 3500-500 B.C.E. 1. The Earliest Human Societies. 2. Mesopotamia. 3. Egypt. 4. Warriors and Deities in the Near East. 5. India's Beginnings. 6. Ancient China to 500 B.C.E. Worldview I: Ancient Civilizations, 3500-500 B.C.E. PART II CLASSICAL MEDITERRANEAN CIVILIZATIONS, 500 B.C.E.-800 C.E. 7. The Greek Adventure. 8. Greek Humanism, 800-100 B.C.E. 9. Rome: City-State to Empire. 10. Imperial Decline and the Birth of Christian Europe. Worldview II: Classical Mediterranean Civilizations, 500 B.C.E.-800 C.E. PART III: EQUILIBRIUM AMONG POLYCENTRIC CIVILIZATIONS, 500-1500 C.E. 11. The Americas Before Columbus. 12. Africa from Kush to the Fifteenth Century. 13. Islam. 14. Mature Islamic Society and Institutions. 15. Indian Civilization in Its Golden Age. 16. Empire of the Middle: China to the Mongol Conquest. 17. Japan and Southeast Asia. 18. The European Middle Ages. 19. The Mongol Intrusion. 20. Late Medieval Troubles. 21. The European Renaissance. Worldview III: Equilibrium Among Polycentric Civilizations, 500 C.E.-1500 C.E. PART IV: DISEQUILIBRIUM: THE WESTERN ENCOUNTER WITH THE NON-WESTERN WORLD, 1500-1700 C.E. 22. A Larger World Opens. 23. The Protestant Reformation. 24. The Rise and Fall of the Muslim Empires. 25. Foundations of the European States. 26. China from the Ming Through the Early Qing Dynasty. 27. Japan in the Era of European Expansion. 28. From Conquest to Colonies in Hispanic America. Worldview IV: Disequilibrium: The Western Encounter with the Non-Western World, 1500-1700 C.E. PART V: REVOLUTIONS, IDEOLOGY, AND THE NEW IMPERIALISM, 1700-1920. 29. The Scientific Revolution and Its Enlightened Aftermath. 30. Liberalism and the Challenge to Absolute Monarchy. 31. The French Revolution and the Empire of Napoleon. 32. England's Industrialization and Its Social Consequences. 33. Europe in Ideological Conflict. 34. Advanced Industrial Society. 35. Consolidation of National States. 36. The Islamic World, 1600-1917. 37. Africa in the Era of Informal Empire. 38. European Imperialism and Africa During the Age of Industry. 39. China and Southeast Asia in the Age of Imperialism. 40. Latin America from Independence to Dependent States. 41. Modern Science and Its Implications. 42. World War I and Its Disputed Settlement. Worldview V: Revolutions, Ideology, and the New Imperialism, 1700-1920. PART VI: EQUILIBRIUM REESTABLISHED: THE TWENTIETH-CENTURY WORLD AND BEYOND, 1920-PRESENT. 43. A Fragile Balance: Europe in the Twenties. 44. The Soviet Experiment to World War II. 45. Totalitarianism Refined: The Nazi State. 46. East Asia in a Century of Change. 47. World War II. 48. High and Low Cultures in the West. 49. Superpower Rivalry and the European Recovery. 50. Decolonization and the Third World. 51. The New Asia. 52. Africa's Decolonization and Years of Independence. 53. Latin America in the Twentieth Century. 54. The Reemergence of the Muslim World. 55. Collapse and Reemergence in Communist Europe. 56. A New Millennium. Worldview VI: Equilibrium Reestablished: The Twentieth-Century World and Beyond, more